Community ID installation and issues

CommunityID is a good server for OpenID. You can run it and provide your own authentication server for all sites that support the OpenID protocol. Unfortunately I had a series of issues when installing the product, so here is a step-by-step guide of how I managed to get it running. Create the Apache configuration file […]

UTF-8 and MySQL

The UTF-8 character set allows a text to encode any of the 1,112,064 code points in the Unicode standard using one to four 8-bit bytes (known as octets in the Unicode Standard). UTF-8 stands for UCS Transformation Format – 8bit and has quickly become the standard text encoding for most internet based communication. Although MySQL […]

MySQL, PHP and Unix time

When working in PHP, the most convenient way of dealing with timestamps is through the time() function, which returns an integer representing the number of seconds from the UNIX epoch (1 Jan 1970 at 00:00 GMT). That’s perfect for passing around your code modules, calculating time differences and easy conversion to string with the date() […]