Community ID installation and issues

CommunityID is a good server for OpenID. You can run it and provide your own authentication server for all sites that support the OpenID protocol. Unfortunately I had a series of issues when installing the product, so here is a step-by-step guide of how I managed to get it running.

  • Create the Apache configuration file for your virtual host
  • Then export the source code from subversion into the directory defined in your Apache configuration
  • Change permissions and ownership as required by the installation docs
  • In the file communityid/libs/Auth/OpenID/BigMath.php locate this code

    and change it to
  • Now create the database (do not use the new utf8mb4 encoding as it will silently not create some of the tables and you’ll get a blank web site)
  • You should now be ready to point your browser to and follow the installation procedure…

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