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Remove all subversion info from a working copy

If you want to make a plain directory out of a working copy, you could use the svn export command and then delete the working copy. But if you’re running under a *NIX system with a bash shell, it might be quicker to just go find . -name “.svn” -type d -exec rm -Rf {} […]

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Objective-C load and initialize

These two static methods of an ObjC class allow you to run initialization logic where you can set up any static state. Both methods are only invoked if implemented and do not need to be declared in the interface of your classes. The differences between them are as follows: In an application, or in a […]

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Mail and Calendar in Android apps

While there isn’t a dedicated API in the Android SDK for sending email messages or adding events to a user’s calendar, there is a way to perform either task using specially constructed intents.

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