Redeem an AppStore coupon from outside the US

DEC 2010 UPDATE: This article is now obsolete. Apple changed their policy and promo codes can now be redeemed in any App Store worldwide
If you have received an AppStore coupon for an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch application, you will only be able to download your free product if your account is based in the United States. Here’s a few simple steps you have to follow in order to access your goods, regardless of where you are…

  1. If you DO NOT currently have an account registered in the US, follow these steps. Otherwise you can skip to this point.
    Go to your device settings and open the Store settings.

  2. If you’re logged in to the AppStore (with an account that is not registered in the US), then log out by touching the Sign Out button.

  3. Now you will be able to create a new AppStore account.

  4. Make sure you select the US Store so that you will be able to redeem your coupon.

  5. Accept the terms and conditions of your new account (you don’t really have much of a choice here ;-)).

  6. Enter your personal details. The email address you provide will also be your AppStore ID.

  7. Now just enter your coupon code. If you have one, there will be no need for a US based credit card number!

  8. You will need a valid US address and phone number (practically all of the data highlighted in red in the picture). But you can use literally ANY valid data, including Apple HQ’s…

  9. You will be sent an email at the address you provided with your personal details. Go and follow the verification link in the email, then you’re ready to log in to the AppStore with your brand new US account.

  10. Your code will have been redeemed for you when you registered with it. You can go to the AppStore, try and download the free app of your coupon, and it should tell you that you can download it for free…

  11. Once you have your own US account, you can redeem (further) coupons directly from the AppStore. In the Featured section, scroll to the bottom where you will find a Redeem item.

  12. Enter your coupon code. You might have to accept the terms and conditions again, as sometimes they are modified.

  13. At this point your application will be downloading on your iPhone… You can go back to main screen and check its progress…

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  1. I was told by Apple rep over the phone just now that, If I get a redeem code from the US, I can use it on my Hong Kong account.\
    Has the policy changed recently?

  2. Hello Cyberience,

    Yes, the policy has now changed. Apple developers received an email at the beginning of December 2010 (I got it on 9 Dec) stating

    … Your promo code distribution is no longer limited to U.S. customers. Promo codes can now be redeemed through any App Store around the world…

    This article is therefore now obsolete. Will update the post.

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