Custom SQLite build and iPad

I have built my own SQLite3 library in order to enable support for full text search for my iDEX app, I compiled and tested on iPhone (iOS 3 and 4) with no problem, but then I switched to the iPad target of the same project under iOS 3.2, where the application would crash as soon as I accessed any of the tables in the database. It seemed like the app was not able to see the tables (also see here), and a more accurate research revealed that the problem was more complex (see this). I have put two and two together and have come to my own conclusion: the problem only presents itself when building against iOS 4 and deploying to iOS 3.2 on the iPad. As my application has separate targets for iPhone and iPad, I just changed the Base SDK of the iPad target to iOS 3.2 and re-built. It works a charm… It doesn’t in any way solve the problem and it requires that you set up a separate target for iPad, but at least you can submit the app! I have spent hours researching this, so I thought I’d share 😉

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