iPhone/iPad Simulator screenshots

I just found out about a convenient way of taking screenshots from the iPhone Simulator (which, incidentally, is also an iPad Simulator). Just run your application and when you get to the screen you need to save, press Control + Command + C. The ‘screenful’ will be copied to your clipboard. One easy option at this point is to start Preview, create a new file with the clipboard contents (Command + N), and save (Command + S). It couldn’t be any easier, and it spares you having to connect the device and taking shots from the Organizer.

As a side note, you could have discovered this shortcut yourself by opening the Edit menu in the Simulator and pressing the Control key. Moral of the story, it’s always worth spending some time checking an application’s menu with the Shift, Control, Option, or Command key pressed to see whether any ‘hidden’ shortcuts crop up…

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  1. Thanks for that! Up til now I’ve been Command Shift 4 + spacing. Then transferring the PNG to my Windows laptop so I can use Photoshop to crop out the surrounding picture of the iPhone and then transferring back to my Mac. And I was about to do that for iPad screenshots too but that would have meant having to do two screen grabs and gluing them together cos my MacBook’s screen is too small for a full size iPad simulator. Thanks for blogging the solution!


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